About Me

I have always been interested in pursuing my creative passions and photography is one of my favorite outlets for expressing myself. My primary motivator for getting into photography is my children. Time always goes so fast and I want to preserve my memories of them at all ages. After all, I can never re-live the precious moments I have with my family. These moments are only a twinkle in time and I’ll never get them back.

I’m constantly striving to improve as a photographer, and therefore I am continually studying, taking classes, and developing new skills. As is a common aspiration for a lot of photographers, the elusive goal is to capture on my camera what I envision in my head.

I’ve been working in the field since 2011. I have a passion for portraiture, particularly for documenting those fleeting moments you can never get back such as a wedding or a new birth. In addition to portraiture, I have an eye for real estate photography and have shot hundreds of locations.

I can be a bit of a goofball with my family. My favorite person is my husband. I love giving my kiddos kisses. I can stand and stare at a Van Gogh or Monet for a long, long, LONG time. I love to be organized (but I’m not) and absolutely can’t stand when my physical space is messy. I have a BA in English Teaching and have studied piano for years. Basicially, I’m a literature reading/piano-playing/crocheting/movie-watching/homemaking/photographing mommy-of-five!