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Writing has never come easy for me.  I would dread English class or any other class that required me to write a paper. My stomach would turn and my palms would sweat. No matter what, I would always get a C or worse! It’s not that I didn’t try or give it my best shot. I really did. It just seems to be that I am not good at getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper. Believe me, I have tons of thought running through my head all day. I enjoy chatting with friends, meeting new people and I can talk forever about the benefits of juicing, staying active or my new addiction to Miss Me Jeans! But when I have to sit down and pour my thoughts out onto paper I start to draw a blank.  This has carried over into my adult life and into the career that I have chosen. Photography is a web based business in many aspects. It’s where I meet and interact with clients, showcase my work and stay in touch with fellow photographers. Looking at my blog it looks like I have dropped off the face of the earth but I’M STILL HERE! I have been second shooting tons weddings with my friend Sarah and shot a wedding with a photographer out of California that I had never met, Leah. I am having the time of my life but you would never know it. I worry about what people will think and wondering if anyone really even cares what I have to say. I have been thinking about this writing/blogging thing for a while now and I have come to a conclusion. While I may not be a fabulous writer, I will not let my fear get in the way of my dream.

Photographers, the J* magazine is a must read! Happy Wednesday!

dan - Your amazing, keep in mind that while you are doing all this you are also the best wife and mother a family could ever hope for. We are all proud of you.


My DIY Fall Wreath

There are 3 kinds of people in this world. The makers, the buyers and the do-it-yourselfers. I am a do-it-yourselfer. I will see something that I love and say, “I LOVE that! I NEED that!” Then I look at the price…”Oh, I’m NOT spending that.” This is how I became a do-it yourselfer. The do-it-yourselfer is different from the maker. The maker is likely to be great at what they do. They do it well and they are successful. As a do-it-yourselfer, I will do my best to recreate what I have seen and love. Like this fall wreath that hangs on my front door. I love it! I made it myself and it is far from perfect but it serves it’s purpose till the day after Thanksgiving when I bring out my Christmas decorations. I thought it would be neat to have the letter of our last name on our door. I bought a wooden letter and a a piece of scrapbook paper in a fall print. I used Mod Podge…for the first time ever! I love it!
These are my absolute favorite fall colors. I went over to Hobby Lobby to buy the picks when they are 50% off. I bought the grapevine wreath from Walmart since it wasn’t on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I made the raffia bow. It looked like it was missing something  so I found a scrap piece of flower I had and hot glued it on. Made a big difference. Don’t be afraid to try to make this for yourself. It cost me $12. I can deal with that.

Aw, a baby! | Cypress Newborn Photographer

7 days old. So tiny and so perfect in every way. So snuggly and did I mention perfect? Newborns spend the majority of their first days sleeping so this is the ideal time to play around and mold them into the adorable poses we all love. When Kendall arrived she was sleeping…perfect! I could hardly wait. I have been planning our photo shoot for over a week being sure that every detail was perfect. Now I had a baby and my home studio was set up. I was ready to go. While Erin was getting Kendall ready, she woke up. We figured that she would snuggle mommy a little and fall back asleep but boy were we wrong. Kendall was up and alert for over an hour! I always plan for this and I am never in a hurry so it didn’t bug me in the least. I get to see her beautiful blue eyes and a few precious yawns!This makes my heart melt!
When she fell asleep we worked quickly and quietly to get the shots we wanted.Priceless!Just perfect!Rylie was so cute and super excited. Can’t you tell?

Photographing newborns is challenging and takes lots of practice. It takes patience, some time for snuggling and always have a few extra blankets on hand. They can’t tell us when they need to go potty!

Jamie Noto - these photos are beautiful..just beautiful!

Candice Morris - Just breathtaking!! And you couldn’t ask for more beautiful subjects!!!

The birth of Kendall

Just a few days ago I was editing Erin’s maternity session and anticipating the arrival of baby Kendall….and now she is here! Erin and Sean allowed me into the room to stand beside them during one of the most special moments that life has to offer. The birth of a child is nothing short of amazing! Congratulations you two on another beautiful baby girl! Check out the Vimeo slideshow: The birth of Kendall

Emily Snitzer - Beautiful, Stephanie! LOVE the one with a tear from mom’s eye.

Erin White - I cannot begin to express to you what a beautiful gift you gave us by doing this video and capturing that day! You are a wonderful friend and I love you so very much!

Candice Morris - This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!! What an amazing friend you are Stephanie for doing this for Sean and Erin- what an incredible memory to have!!

Kelly Petrovich - Erin maternity pictures are beautiful, but the video of Kendall’s birth left me crying. You did a beautiful job!!!

2011 Holiday Card Designs

All cards are 5×7 flat cards with 1 photo on the front and optional back printing. Up to 4 photos total! Book a Holiday Mini Session and choose one of these designs!


Red Damask





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